Robotics Seminar

Department of Mechatronics and Robotics

Faculty of Engineering

Assiut University

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Yasser F. O. Mohammad

Office Hours:

Sunday 10:12

Wednesday: 10:1

Office location: Electrical Engineering Department. First Floor, Ask about Dr. Yasser's office.

Outline and Objectives:

In this seminar course, you are required to prepare and give a talk about one of the subjects outlined in this document. Your talk should be based on a technical report about the subject. The main objectives of this course are:



Item Degrees
Presentation 20
First Report 20
Second Report 15
Third Report 0
Attendance 10
Activity during seminars 5
Oral Examination 30


ID Date Subject Presentaer Report
1001 17/10/2010 History of Robotics    
1002 17/10/2010 Mobile Robots    
1003 31/10/2010 Behavior of Robots  
1004 31/10/2010 Soccer Robots  
1005 31/10/2010 Vision Based Control  


  1. You can use any resources for preparing your report and presentation (books, web, etc) giving that you explicitly cite them in the report
  2. You should provide a coherent ordered and elegant report and presentation not just copied contents
  3. You should have at least 5 different sources (indicated in the references).
  4. Your report and presentation should be your work. If substantial copying was found in either of them you may lose the marks of the presentation of the report. Even if it is just average but your work, it worth much more than an excellent article that is not yours.
  5. You can use the guide in this page to help you structure your report ( .
  6. The title page, abstract, conclusions, and references are mandatory
  7. You will be given 40 minutes including Q&A (this means you should finish your presentation in 20 minutes)
  8. You will be assigned three subjects from this list. You have to select one of them and prepare your material on it
  9. You will be told about your presentation time and subjects 14 days before its time.
  10. If you have an urgent reason to delay your presentation, you MUST inform me using EMAIL as early as possible and provide enough evidence that your delay is absolutely necessary. In this case you will be assigned another time but this time with only one week preparation time.
  11. If you do not like any of your subjects, you can suggest a new one (not in the list of topics in this site) within 3 days of your assignment by EMAIL and if your suggestion is accepted you can proceed to use your suggested subject otherwise you have to use one of your assigned 3 subjects.
  12. You can use either Template1.doc or Template2 for your report. Your report should not be less than 20-24 pages of Template1 or 12-16 pages of Template2. It should be clear that the size of the report has little effect on its quality as long as it complies to the limits above.
  13. You are free to use whatever template you like for your presentation. Be creative and have fun

Suggested topics:

  1. Behavioral Robotics
  2. Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
  3. Intelligent Control in Robotics
  4. Methods to solve reverse kinematics
  5. History of robotics from 60s to this day
  6. Robotic simulators :Their rules and challenges
  7. Braitenberg Vehicles
  8. Bio-inspired robots
  9. Vision based Control in Robotics
  10. Tactile Sense
  11. Hearing sense for robots
  12. Robots that dance and play music (history, challenges and key players)
  13. Autonomous Vehicles
  14. Pilotless airplanes
  15. Robots in space
  16. Robots in mines and factories
  17. Learning by Demonstration in Robotics
  18. Multi-Robot Systems
  19. Toy Robots (LEGO Mindstorm and its friends)
  20. Soccer Robots
  21. Natural Human-Robot Interaction
  22. Cognitive Robotics
  23. Future perspective of Robotics
  24. Robotics and the society
  25. Commercial Robots (Industrial, Entertainment and Service Robots)
  26. Robot kits for building your own robot
  27. Robots in education
  28. Robotic Architectures.
  29. Major research challenges in robotics
  30. Humanoid Robots
  31. Mobile Robots