class negmas.sao.RandomResponseMixin[source]

Bases: object

A mixin that adds the ability to respond randomly to offers


Methods Summary

init_random_response([p_acceptance, …])

Initializes the mixin.

respond(state, offer)

Methods Documentation

init_random_response(p_acceptance: float = 0.15, p_rejection: float = 0.25, p_ending: float = 0.1)None[source]

Initializes the mixin.

  • p_acceptance – probability of accepting offers

  • p_rejection – probability of rejecting offers

  • p_ending – probability of ending negotiation

  • If the summation of acceptance, rejection and ending probabilities

    is less than 1.0 then with the remaining probability a NO_RESPONSE is returned from respond()

respond(state: negmas.common.MechanismState, offer: Union[negmas.outcomes.OutcomeType, Tuple[Union[int, float, str, list]], Dict[Union[int, str], Union[int, float, str, list]]])negmas.outcomes.ResponseType[source]