negmas.serialization.deserialize(d: Any, deep=True, remove_type_field=True, keep_private=False, fallback_class_name: Optional[str] = None)[source]

Decodes a dict/object coming from serialize

  • d – The value to be decoded. If it is not a dict, it is returned as it is.

  • deep – If true, decode recursively

  • remove_type_field – If true the field called PYTHON_CLASS_IDENTIFIER will be removed if found.

  • keep_private – If given, private fields (starting with _) will be kept

  • fallback_class_name – If given, it is used as the fall-back type if ``PYTHON_CLASS_IDENTIFIER` is not in the dict.


  • If the object is not a dict or if it has no PYTHON_CLASS_IDENTIFIER field and no fallback_class_name is given, the input d is returned as it is. It will not even be copied.

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