negmas.tournaments.process_world_run(run_id: str, results: Optional[negmas.tournaments.WorldRunResults], tournament_name: str)Tuple[List[Dict[str, Any]], Dict[str, List[Dict[str, Any]]]][source]

Generates a data-frame with the results of this world run

  • run_id – The ID of this run (should be unique per tournament)

  • results – Results of the world run

  • tournament_name – tournament name


  • A list of records containing scores

  • A dict mapping extra-score types to lists of records for this type.

Return type

A tuple of two items


The score calculator returns a WorldRunResults object which must contain a scores element used for evaluating the agents. It can also return extra_scores that can be used to save additional information about agent performance. These are optional and the second output of this function will be the processed version of these extra scores if any.