negmas.common Module

Common data-structures and classes used by all other modules.

This module does not import anything from the library except during type checking


NamedObject(name, *, id)

The base class of all named entities.

Rational(name, ufun, id)

A rational object is an object that can have a utility function.

AgentMechanismInterface(id, outcome_type, …)

All information of a negotiation visible to negotiators.

MechanismState(running, waiting, started, …)

Encapsulates the mechanism state at any point

NegotiatorInfo(name, id, type)


Used to represent an AMI to Java.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of negmas.common.NamedObject, negmas.common.Rational, negmas.common.AgentMechanismInterface, negmas.common.MechanismState, negmas.common.NegotiatorInfo, negmas.common._ShadowAgentMechanismInterface