negmas.situated Package


save_stats(world, log_dir[, params, …])

Saves the statistics of a world run.


Plots the edge colors used with their meaning



An enumeration.

RunningNegotiationInfo(negotiator, …)

Keeps track of running negotiations for an agent

NegotiationInfo(mechanism, partners, …)

Saves information about a negotiation

NegotiationRequestInfo(partners, issues, …)

Keeps track to negotiation requests that an agent sent

Action(type, params)

An action that an Agent can execute in a World through the Simulator.

Contract(partners, agreement, …)

A agreement definition which encapsulates an agreement with partners and extra information

Breach(contract, perpetrator, type, victims, …)


The way breaches are to be handled

Agent(name, type_postfix, ufun)

Base class for all agents that can run within a World and engage in situated negotiations

Adapter(obj, include_adapter_type_name[, …])

Represents an adapter agent that makes some included object act as an agent in some world.


The bulletin-board which carries all public information.

World(bulletin_board[, n_steps, time_limit, …])

Base world class encapsulating a world that runs a simulation with several agents interacting within some dynamically changing environment.


Defines an entity that is a part of the world but does not participate in the simulation

AgentWorldInterface(world, agent)

Agent World Interface class

NegotiationInfo(mechanism, partners, …)

Saves information about a negotiation

RenegotiationRequest(publisher, issues, …)

A request for renegotiation.


A monitor object capable of receiving stats of a world


A monitor object capable of monitoring a world.

SimpleWorld(bulletin_board[, n_steps, …])

Represents a simple world simulation with sane values for most callbacks and methods.


A mixin to add when there is no contract execution



A mixin that can be added to Agent to minimize the number of abstract methods

NegWorld(*args, domain, types, …)

A world that runs a list of negotiators in a given domain to evaluate them

NegAgent(*args, negotiator_type, …)

Wraps a negotiator for evaluaton

NegDomain(name, issues, ufuns, …)

A representation of a negotiation domain in which a negotiator can be evaluated

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of negmas.situated.situated.Operations, negmas.situated.situated.RunningNegotiationInfo, negmas.situated.situated.NegotiationInfo, negmas.situated.situated.NegotiationRequestInfo, negmas.situated.situated.Action, negmas.situated.situated.Contract, negmas.situated.situated.Breach, negmas.situated.situated.BreachProcessing, negmas.situated.situated.Agent, negmas.situated.situated.Adapter, negmas.situated.situated.BulletinBoard, negmas.situated.situated.World, negmas.situated.situated.Entity, negmas.situated.situated.AgentWorldInterface, negmas.situated.situated.NegotiationInfo, negmas.situated.situated.RenegotiationRequest, negmas.situated.situated.StatsMonitor, negmas.situated.situated.WorldMonitor, negmas.situated.situated.SimpleWorld, negmas.situated.situated.NoContractExecutionMixin, negmas.situated.situated.TimeInAgreementMixin, negmas.situated.situated.NoResponsesMixin, negmas.situated.neg.NegWorld, negmas.situated.neg.NegAgent, negmas.situated.neg.NegDomain