negmas.tournaments Package

Tournament generation and management.


run_world(world_params[, dry_run, …])

Runs a world and returns stats.

process_world_run(run_id, results, …)

Generates a data-frame with the results of this world run

create_tournament(competitors, …[, …])

Creates a tournament

run_tournament(tournament_path[, …])

Runs a tournament

evaluate_tournament(tournament_path[, …])

Evaluates the results of a tournament

combine_tournaments(sources[, dest, verbose])

Combines contents of several tournament runs in the destination path allowing for continuation of the tournament

combine_tournament_results(sources[, dest, …])

Combines results of several tournament runs in the destination path.

combine_tournament_stats(sources[, dest, …])

Combines statistical results of several tournament runs in the destination path.

tournament(competitors, config_generator, …)

Runs a tournament

create_neg_tournament(competitors, domains)

Creates a tournament

neg_tournament(competitors, domains[, …])

Runs a tournament

random_discrete_domains(issues, partners[, …])

Generates an infinite sequence of random discrete domains


Creats an appropriate NegDomain generator from a list/tuple of domains


WorldGenerator(*args, **kwargs)

A callback-protocol specifying the signature of a world generator function that can be passed to tournament

WorldRunResults(world_names, log_file_names)

Results of a world run

TournamentResults(scores, total_scores, …)

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of negmas.tournaments.tournaments.WorldGenerator, negmas.tournaments.tournaments.WorldRunResults, negmas.tournaments.tournaments.TournamentResults