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"""Implements all builtin banks."""
from abc import ABC
from collections import defaultdict
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
from typing import Any
from typing import Dict
from typing import List
from typing import Optional

from negmas import Issue
from negmas import Mechanism
from negmas import MechanismState
from negmas import Negotiator
from negmas import NegotiatorMechanismInterface
from negmas.situated import Agent
from negmas.situated import Breach
from negmas.situated import Contract
from negmas.situated import RenegotiationRequest

from .common import Factory
from .common import Loan

    from .agent import SCML2019Agent

__all__ = ["DefaultBank", "Bank"]

[docs]class Bank(Agent, ABC): """Base class for all banks""" def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self._world = None def _respond_to_negotiation_request( self, initiator: str, partners: List[str], issues: List[Issue], annotation: Dict[str, Any], mechanism: NegotiatorMechanismInterface, role: Optional[str], req_id: Optional[str], ) -> Optional[Negotiator]: pass
[docs] def on_neg_request_rejected(self, req_id: str, by: Optional[List[str]]): pass
[docs] def on_neg_request_accepted( self, req_id: str, mechanism: NegotiatorMechanismInterface ): pass
[docs] def on_negotiation_failure( self, partners: List[str], annotation: Dict[str, Any], mechanism: NegotiatorMechanismInterface, state: MechanismState, ) -> None: pass
[docs] def on_negotiation_success( self, contract: Contract, mechanism: NegotiatorMechanismInterface ) -> None: pass
[docs] def on_contract_signed(self, contract: Contract) -> None: pass
[docs] def on_contract_cancelled(self, contract: Contract, rejectors: List[str]) -> None: pass
[docs] def sign_contract(self, contract: Contract) -> Optional[str]: pass
[docs] def respond_to_negotiation_request( self, initiator: str, partners: List[str], issues: List[Issue], annotation: Dict[str, Any], mechanism: Mechanism, role: Optional[str], req_id: str, ) -> Optional[Negotiator]: pass
[docs] def on_contract_executed(self, contract: Contract) -> None: pass
[docs] def on_contract_breached( self, contract: Contract, breaches: List[Breach], resolution: Optional[Contract] ) -> None: pass
[docs]class DefaultBank(Bank): """Represents a bank in the world"""
[docs] def init(self): pass
[docs] def respond_to_negotiation_request( self, initiator: str, partners: List[str], issues: List[Issue], annotation: Dict[str, Any], mechanism: Mechanism, role: Optional[str], req_id: str, ) -> Optional[Negotiator]: pass
def __init__( self, minimum_balance: float, interest_rate: float, interest_max: float, balance_at_max_interest: float, installment_interest: float, time_increment: float, a2f: Dict[str, Factory], disabled: bool = False, name: str = None, ): super().__init__(name=name) Dict[int, int] = defaultdict(int) self.wallet: float = 0.0 self.disabled = disabled Dict[SCML2019Agent, List[Loan]] = defaultdict(list) self.minimum_balance = minimum_balance self.interest_rate = interest_rate self.interest_max = interest_max self.installment_interest = installment_interest self.time_increment = time_increment self.balance_at_max_interest = balance_at_max_interest self._credit_rating: Dict[str, float] = defaultdict(float) self.a2f = a2f
[docs] def set_renegotiation_agenda( self, contract: Contract, breaches: List[Breach] ) -> Optional[RenegotiationRequest]: return None
[docs] def respond_to_renegotiation_request( self, contract: Contract, breaches: List[Breach], agenda: RenegotiationRequest ) -> Optional[Negotiator]: raise ValueError("The bank does not receive callbacks")
def _evaluate_loan( self, agent: "SCML2019Agent", amount: float, n_installments: int, starts_at: int, installment_loan=False, ) -> Optional[Loan]: """Evaluates the interest that will be imposed on the agent to buy_loan that amount""" if self.disabled: return None factory = self.a2f[] balance = factory.balance if self.interest_rate is None: return None interest = self.installment_interest if installment_loan else self.interest_rate if balance < 0 and self.interest_max is not None: interest += ( balance * (interest - self.interest_max) / self.balance_at_max_interest ) interest += max(0, starts_at - self.awi.current_step) * self.time_increment interest += self._credit_rating[] total = amount * (1 + interest) ** n_installments installment = total / n_installments if self.minimum_balance is not None and balance - total < -self.minimum_balance: return None return Loan( amount=amount, total=total, interest=interest, n_installments=n_installments, installment=installment, starts_at=starts_at, )
[docs] def evaluate_loan( self, agent: "SCML2019Agent", amount: float, start_at: int, n_installments: int ) -> Optional[Loan]: """Evaluates the interest that will be imposed on the agent to buy_loan that amount""" if self.disabled: return None return self._evaluate_loan( agent=agent, amount=amount, n_installments=n_installments, installment_loan=False, starts_at=start_at, )
def _buy_loan( self, agent: "SCML2019Agent", loan: Loan, beneficiary: Agent, contract: Optional[Contract], bankrupt_if_rejected=False, ) -> Optional[Loan]: if self.disabled: return None if loan is None: return loan factory = self.a2f[] if agent.confirm_loan(loan=loan, bankrupt_if_rejected=bankrupt_if_rejected):[agent].append(loan) self.awi.logdebug(f"Bank: {} borrowed {str(loan)}") factory.receive(loan.amount) factory.add_loan( self.wallet -= loan.amount return loan elif bankrupt_if_rejected: # the agent rejected a loan with bankrupt_if_rejected, bankrupt the agent self._world.make_bankrupt( agent, amount=loan.amount, beneficiary=beneficiary, contract=contract ) return None return None
[docs] def buy_loan( self, agent: "SCML2019Agent", amount: float, n_installments: int, beneficiary: Agent, contract: Optional[Contract], force: bool = False, ) -> Optional[Loan]: """Gives a loan of amount to agent at the interest calculated using `evaluate_loan`""" if self.disabled: return None loan = self.evaluate_loan( amount=amount, agent=agent, n_installments=n_installments, start_at=self.awi.current_step, ) return self._buy_loan( agent=agent, loan=loan, bankrupt_if_rejected=force, beneficiary=beneficiary, contract=contract, )
[docs] def step(self): """Takes payments from agents""" # apply interests and pay loans # ----------------------------- if self.disabled: return t = self.awi.current_step delayed_payments = 0.0 # for every agent with loans for agent, loans in factory = self.a2f[] keep = [True] * len( loans ) # a flag to tell whether a loan is to be kept for future processing unpaid = [] # any new loans that may arise from failure to pay installments unavailable = 0.0 for i, loan in enumerate(loans): # if there are no remaining installments or I am in the grace period do not do anything if loan.n_installments <= 0 or loan.starts_at > t: continue # pay as much as possible from the agent's wallet (which may be zero) wallet = factory.wallet payment = max(0.0, min(loan.installment, wallet)) loan.amount -= payment factory.add_loan(-payment) self.wallet += payment if payment >= loan.installment: # reduce the number of remaining installments if needed loan.n_installments -= 1 else: # if the payment is not enough for the installment, try to get a new loan unavailable += loan.installment - payment unpaid.append((i, loan)) # if the loan is completely paid, mark it for removal if loan.n_installments <= 0: keep[i] = False self.awi.logdebug( f"Bank: {} payed {payment} (of {loan.installment}) " f"[{loan.n_installments} remain]" ) if unavailable > 0.0: new_loan = self._evaluate_loan( agent=agent, amount=unavailable, n_installments=1, installment_loan=True, starts_at=t + 1, ) if new_loan is None: self._reduce_credit_rating(agent=agent, unavailable=unavailable) self.awi.logdebug( f"Bank: CR of {} was reduced for failure to pay {unavailable}" ) elif ( self._buy_loan( agent=agent, loan=new_loan, bankrupt_if_rejected=True, beneficiary=self, contract=None, ) is not None ): self.awi.logdebug( f"Bank: {} payed an installment by a new loan {str(new_loan)}" ) factory.add_loan(-new_loan.amount) self.wallet += new_loan.amount for indx, loan in unpaid: loan.amount -= loan.installment loan.n_installments -= 1 if loan.n_installments <= 0: keep[indx] = False # remove marked loans (that were completely paid)[agent] = [l for i, l in enumerate(loans) if keep[i]] # remove records of agents that paid all their loans = {k: v for k, v in if len(v) > 0}
def _reduce_credit_rating(self, agent: Agent, unavailable: float): """Updates the credit rating when the agent fails to pay an installment""" self._credit_rating[] -= unavailable
[docs] def credit_rating(self, agent_id: str) -> float: if self.disabled: return 1 return self._credit_rating.get(agent_id, 1.0)