Source code for scml.scml2020.common

import sys
from collections import namedtuple
from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import List

import numpy as np

__all__ = [

"""ID of the system seller agent"""

"""ID of the system buyer agent"""

"""ID of the takeover agent"""

"""Used to indicate any time-step"""

"""Used to indicate any line"""

"""A constant indicating no command is scheduled on a factory line"""

INFINITE_COST = sys.maxsize // 2
"""A constant indicating an invalid cost for lines incapable of running some process"""

"""Index of quantity in negotiation issues"""

TIME = 1
"""Index of time in negotiation issues"""

"""Index of unit price in negotiation issues"""

[docs]def is_system_agent(aid: str) -> bool: """ Checks whether an agent is a system agent or not Args: aid: Agent ID Returns: True if the ID is for a system agent. """ return ( aid.startswith(SYSTEM_SELLER_ID) or aid.startswith(SYSTEM_BUYER_ID) or aid.startswith(COMPENSATION_ID) )
ContractInfo = namedtuple( "ContractInfo", ["q", "u", "product", "is_seller", "partner", "contract"] ) """Information about a contract including a pointer to it"""
[docs]@dataclass class ExogenousContract: """Represents a contract to be revealed at revelation_time to buyer and seller between them that is not agreed upon through negotiation but is endogenously given""" product: int """Product""" quantity: int """Quantity""" unit_price: int """Unit price""" time: int """Delivery time""" revelation_time: int """Time at which to reveal the contract to both buyer and seller""" seller: int = -1 """Seller index in the agents array (-1 means "system")""" buyer: int = -1 """Buyer index in the agents array (-1 means "system")"""
[docs]@dataclass class FinancialReport: """A report published periodically by the system showing the financial standing of an agent""" __slots__ = [ "agent_id", "step", "cash", "assets", "breach_prob", "breach_level", "is_bankrupt", "agent_name", ] agent_id: str """Agent ID""" step: int """Simulation step at the beginning of which the report was published.""" cash: int """Cash in the agent's wallet. Negative numbers indicate liabilities.""" assets: int """Value of the products in the agent's inventory @ catalog prices. """ breach_prob: float """Number of times the agent breached a contract over the total number of contracts it signed.""" breach_level: float """Sum of the agent's breach levels so far divided by the number of contracts it signed.""" is_bankrupt: bool """Whether the agent is already bankrupt (i.e. incapable of doing any more transactions).""" agent_name: str """Agent name for printing purposes""" def __str__(self): bankrupt = "BANKRUPT" if self.is_bankrupt else "" return ( f"{self.agent_name} @ {self.step} {bankrupt}: Cash: {}, Assets: {self.assets}, " f"breach_prob: {self.breach_prob}, breach_level: {self.breach_level} " f"{'(BANKRUPT)' if self.is_bankrupt else ''}" )
[docs]@dataclass class FactoryProfile: """Defines all private information of a factory""" __slots__ = ["costs"] costs: np.ndarray """An n_lines * n_processes array giving the cost of executing any process (INVALID_COST indicates infinity)""" @property def n_lines(self): return self.costs.shape[0] @property def n_products(self): return self.costs.shape[1] + 1 @property def n_processes(self): return self.costs.shape[1] @property def processes(self) -> np.ndarray: """The processes that have valid costs""" return np.nonzero(np.any(self.costs != INFINITE_COST, axis=0))[0] @property def input_products(self) -> np.ndarray: """The input products to all processes runnable (See `processes` )""" return np.nonzero(np.any(self.costs != INFINITE_COST, axis=0))[0] @property def output_products(self) -> np.ndarray: """The output products to all processes runnable (See `processes` )""" return np.nonzero(np.any(self.costs != INFINITE_COST, axis=0))[0] + 1
[docs]@dataclass class Failure: """A production failure""" __slots__ = ["is_inventory", "line", "step", "process"] is_inventory: bool """True if the cause of failure was insufficient inventory. If False, the cause was insufficient funds. Note that if both conditions were true, only insufficient funds (is_inventory=False) will be reported.""" line: int """The line at which the failure happened""" step: int """The step at which the failure happened""" process: int """The process that failed to execute"""
[docs]@dataclass class FactoryState: inventory: np.ndarray """An n_products vector giving current quantity of every product in storage""" balance: int """Current balance in the wallet""" commands: np.ndarray """n_steps * n_lines array giving the process scheduled on each line at every step for the whole simulation""" inventory_changes: np.ndarray """Changes in the inventory in the last step""" balance_change: int """Change in the balance in the last step""" contracts: List[List[ContractInfo]] """The An n_steps list of lists containing the contracts of this agent by time-step""" @property def n_lines(self) -> int: return self.commands.shape[1] @property def n_steps(self) -> int: return self.commands.shape[0] @property def n_products(self) -> int: return len(self.inventory) @property def n_processes(self) -> int: return len(self.inventory) - 1