class scml.scml2020.MarketAwareIndependentNegotiationsAgent(*args, buying_margin=None, selling_margin=None, min_price_margin=0.5, max_price_margin=0.5, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: scml.KeepOnlyGoodPrices, scml.IndependentNegotiationsAgent

Implements the base class for agents that negotiate independently with different partners using trading/catalog prices to control signing

These agents do not take production capacity, availability of materials or any other aspects of the simulation into account. They are to serve only as baselines.


  • IndependentNegotiationsAgent agents assume that each production process has one input type with the same

    index as itself and one output type with one added to the index (i.e. process $i$ takes product $i$ as input and creates product $i+1$ as output.

  • It does not assume that all lines have the same production cost (it uses the average cost though).

  • It does not assume that the agent has a single production process.