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ANL Documentation

This repository is the official platform for running ANAC Automated Negotiation Leagues (starting 2024). It will contain a module called anlXXXX for the competition run in year XXXX. For example anl2024 will contain all files related to the 2024's version of the competition.

This package is a thin-wrapper around the NegMAS library for automated negotiation. Its main goal is to provide the following functionalities:

  1. A method for generating scenarios to run tournaments in the same settings as in the ANL competition. These functions are always called anl20XX_tournament for year 20XX.
  2. A CLI for running tournaments called anl.
  3. A visualizer for inspecting tournament results and negotiations in details called anlv.
  4. A place to hold the official implementation of every strategy submitted to the ANL competition after each year. These can be found in the module anl.anl20XX.negotiators for year 20XX.

The official website for the ANL competition is:

Quick start

pip install anl

You can also install the in-development version with::

pip install git+


After installation, you can try running a tournament using the CLI:

anl tournament2024

To find all the parameters you can customize for running tournaments run:

anl tournament2024 --help

You can run the following command to check the versions of ANL and NegMAS on your machine:

anl version

You should get at least these versions:

anl: 0.1.5 (NegMAS: 0.10.9)

Other than the two commands mentioned above (tournament2024, version), you can use the CLI to generate and save scenarios which you can later reuse with the tournament2024 command using --scenarios-path. As an example:

anl make-scenarios myscenarios --scenarios=5
anl tournament2024 --scenarios-path=myscenarios --scenarios=0

The first command will create 5 scenarios and save them under myscenarios. The second command will use these scenarios without generating any new scenarios to run a tournament.


visualizer ANL comes with a simple visualizer that can be used to visualize logs from tournaments after the fact.

To start the visualizer type:

anlv show

This will allow you to select any tournament that is stored in the default location (~/negmas/anl2024/tournaments). You can also show the tournament stored in a specific location 'your-tournament-path' using:

anlv show your-tournament-path



This is not required to participate in the ANL competition

If you would like to contribute to ANL, please clone the repo, then run:

python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
python -m pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
python -m pip install -r docs/requirements.txt
python -m pip install -e .

You can then submit Pull Requests which will be carefully reviewed.

If you have an issue, please report it here. If you have something to discuss, please report it here.